Candied Bacon & Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Treats

Candied Bacon & Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispy Treats

If you follow me over at A Happy Food Dance, you know that bacon shows up quite a bit – whether it’s in ice creamsticky bunsbiscuits or wrapped around jalapeños.

Well this time I’ve made sweet and oh so sticky rice crispy treats, dipped them in a bowl of chocolatey goodness, and then rolled them around in candied bacon.  Yes!  Bacon that has been candied – so good!

These are pretty killer and I’m sharing them over at Living Better Together today!  So head over there, tell Rebecca hi and find the full recipe.  You are definitely going to want to try these!

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    You had me at bacon. I love the sweet and salty combo of bacon and chocolate. Thanks for joining the #stoptheyuck link party. Come join us next week and feel free to come join the Foodie bloggers and writers FB group too

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