almond and pecorino brussels sprouts

Almond and Pecorino Brussels SproutsRemember eating brussels sprouts as a kid – yeah, me either!  I hated them.   Most likely because my mom bought the frozen ones and would just steam them in some water.  I’m pretty sure if that’s how people would prepare them, I still would not be eating them.

Almond and Pecorino Brussels SproutsBut no one making brussels sprouts like that anymore (well, my mom probably is).  People are sauteing, roasting, shaving into salads, topping pizzas… you can pretty much find them anywhere.  And now I love them! [Read More...]

giant snickerdoodle cookies

Giant Snickerdoodle Cookies - soft on the inside with buttery crisp edges, all coasted in sweet cinnamon and sugarOne of my favorite breakfast spots to hit up on the weekends is M Street Kitchen in Santa Monica.  They have the best egg sandwiches which come on their signature homemade english muffins.  I’m not a big breakfast sandwich girl – I’m usually scanning the menu for a breakfast burrito, but M Street has this baby down to a science.

Last time my boyfriend and I were here, someone (cough, cough) was a little hungover.  Really- we both were, but I usually take the cake when it comes to feeling like crap the morning after too many drinks have been had.

Giant Snickerdoodle Cookies - soft on the inside with buttery crisp edges, all coasted in sweet cinnamon and sugarI wanted nothing more than a delicious breakfast sandwich and maybe a cure all bloody mary.  Seriously, everything was delicious – but we were seated next to a table with two small boys and let me tell you… that is no hangover cure.  I swear that one of them made a consistent humming noise the entire time!  They were really just being normal kids, I know everything was just magnified by my pounding head and achy body.   [Read More...]

loaded carne asada chips

Loaded Carne Asada ChipsRemember yesterday when I made those crispy, crunchy homemade chips? Good – because they are the base for today’s totally calorie splurge. Hey – you gotta do it every once in a while, right?!?

These loaded carne asada chips are perfect for a game day appetizer or when entertaining friends, but who am I kidding – I make stuff like this all the time in the middle of the week when I don’t feel like making a full on meal (remember these pulled pork leftover nachos). Don’t worry – my boyfriend has no issues with that!

Loaded Carne Asada ChipsSo these, like all nachos are super simple and so very delicious! I started with a base of the homemade potato chips. What I loved about these chips is they stayed super crunchy even when I piled on all those delicious toppings. Nothing is worse than a soggy nacho chip – boo! [Read More...]

foolproof homemade potato chips

Is there anything better than crispy, homemade potato chips?

Foolproof Homemade Potato ChipsI could stuff my face with these babies all day long!  They’re crunchy and fried just to the perfect golden brown, sprinkled with sea salt and served while still hot.  Does it get any better than that?!?  Plus, these keep their signature crunch for way longer than store bought!  And so easy to make!

To start, you’ll need three to four russet potatoes, washed and unpeeled.  You could for sure peel these, but I find it totally unnecessary and the peel adds great flavor.  After you’ve cleaned your potatoes, simply slice into 1/4″ thick slices.  I used a mandoline because it’s so much easier than doing it by hand plus it also ensures that your chips will be the same thickness and will cook at the same speed.  You can pick up a mandoline at any kitchen supply store.

Foolproof Homemade Potato Chips [Read More...]