spring panzanella salad

spring panzanella salad | ahappyfooddance.comSpring has sprung and I’ve been totally MIA on you!  That wasn’t on purpose – I had a work trip for my real world job in Las Vegas.  Which sounds a lot more fun than it really is… big conference halls, full of endless vendors, wanting to chat your ear off so that you may remember their product when you get back home.  It was still a good time – just exhausting.

spring panzanella salad | ahappyfooddance.com

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olive oil cake with black cherry compote

olive oil cake with black cherry compote | ahappyfooddance.comHave you tried olive oil cake yet?  It has a crackling crust with an aromatic, oil-rich middle that is super moist.  What’s best of all, it’s so easy to throw together, no whipping egg whites you that you have to fold in or creaming together butter and sugar, at least not in this recipe.

And what would make that even better, topping it was a black cherry compote that is sweet with just a touch of tartness.

olive oil cake with black cherry compote | ahappyfooddance.com

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swiss, leek and mushroom braid

swiss, leek and mushroom braid | ahappyfooddance.comIf you’re a mushroom lover, like myself, then you’re going to enjoy this recipe.  If you’re not, well…. you’re probably going to hate this because it is stuffed FULL of mushrooms!

Good news is you could easily swap out the mushrooms for another veggie or even a meat, bad news is I would totally be disappointed because I love mushrooms.  I’m one of those people that thinks mushrooms can be added to anything.  Soup, sandwiches, on top of steak… I was even told by my local pizza place that adding extra mushrooms to my pizza might make it a little soggy.  I don’t care – I want the mushrooms!

swiss, leek and mushroom braid | ahappyfooddance.com

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raspberry ricotta mini cakes

raspberry ricotta mini cakes | ahappyfooddance.comCan you believe it’s already Monday?!  It’s unfair how fast the weekend goes and really unfair about the amount of things I DIDN’T get accomplished!

I had my dreaded dentist appointment Thursday and the medication they’ve had me on since then has made me want to sleep ALL.THE.TIME!  Seriously, I happily went to bed at 8 pm Thursday night.

raspberry ricotta mini cakes | ahappyfooddance.com

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