mini apricot cakes

mini apricot cakes | ahappyfooddance.comWhew – looks like we all made it through the 4th of July weekend!  How was yours?!  Mine was wonderfully simple, I hung out with a few close friends and just watched fireworks in my small little neighborhood.

mini apricot cakes |

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blueberry meringue cookies

blueberry meringue cookies | ahappyfooddance.comAfter two very unsuccessful attempts with these – I think I finally have the right oven temperature, cooking time and syrup making method to make the most beautiful, perfectly swirled blueberry meringue cookies.

This are simple, light and fluffy clouds of sugar, every so slightly swirled with a fresh, homemade blueberry syrup that takes these traditional meringues to a whole new level.

blueberry meringue cookies |

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mini angel food cake

mini angel food cake | ahappyfooddance.comI love angel food cake – it’s so light and airy, it almost feels guilt-less when you indulge in slice.

My favorite way of eating it is topped with fresh whipped cream and lots and lots of ripe, juicy strawberries.  But for these mini angel food cakes, I decided to go a little patriotic (since the Fourth of July is right around the corner), and throw in some blueberries.

mini angel food cake |

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everything bagel spice dill pickles

everything bagel spice dill pickles | ahappyfooddance.comI know this weekend you’re going to be going to some BBQs or get togethers and your friends/family are going to ask you to bring something to said event, and you know what you can do this year?  You can totally show them up by bringing homemade, everything bagel spice dill pickles.

everything bagel spice dill pickles | ahappyfooddance.comThese pickles can be made in as little as four hours – yes, four hours!  And there are seasoned with all the delicious seasonings as my all-time favorite bagel.  The everything spice bagel!

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