mile high apple pie

mile high apple pie | ahappyfooddance,com
Right now I am sitting in the Puerto Vallarta airport after five loooong days in Mexico.  I say long days, because the house that we were staying in that was supposed to have wifi, didn’t, which isn’t the biggest deal.  It was nice to be off Facebook, Instagram, and everything else for a change, but it was also kind of hard to look stuff up, remember the names of restaurants I had wanted to go to, get directions, you know… all the things we take for granted.

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strawberry slab pie

strawberry slab pie | ahappyfooddance.comWhat do you do when strawberries are on sale and you buy way too many because you think some how, some way, you’ll eat FOUR pints of them?!  Well, stuff them in a flaky pie crust and top it with ice cream and call it a strawberry slab pie!

I’m definitely trying to up my pie game.  My mom was always known as the pie maker in my house.  She couldn’t make a cookie to save her life and her cakes always resembled the Grand Canyon in the middle, but she could make one hell of a pie and a damn good flakey crust too.  She had the craziest method, and because she doesn’t live close, I haven’t had the chance to have her re-create it.

strawberry slab pie |

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cold sesame noodles with cilantro lime shrimp

cold sesame noodles with cilantro lime shrimp | ahappyfooddance.comI have been CRAVING pasta in a big way lately!  I don’t know what is is about me, but my internal food brain isn’t syncing with the season. I always tend to crave soup and pasta in the summer and ice cream in the winter.

But the last thing I’ve wanted to do lately is set up shop over a hot stove or put anything in the oven, and these cold sesame noodles with cilantro lime shrimp totally hit my food craving without all the work or mess.

cold sesame noodles with cilantro lime shrimp |

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